University Campus Security Services

University Campus Security Services Campus security comes with its own set of challenges and issues, and every facility is different. Universities and college campuses are like small cities, often home to dozens of buildings and a large population of students and faculty. These communities within a community are all unique, and Twin City Security understands this. For over 40 years, we've been providing campus security services for large urban campuses, research facilities, community colleges, and universities across the country.

Individualized Campus Security

Every campus has a culture and environment all it's own, and we are sensitive to our client's college security needs. For example, a large urban university may have different security needs than a small rural college. At Twin City Security, we approach each college security contract with individualized attention as unique as your institution. A few areas our college security officers are trained to respond to are:

  • Loss prevention (theft, graffiti)

  • General student and faculty assistance

  • Vehicle assists (lock-outs, after-dark escorts)

  • Drug and alcohol abuse prevention

  • Building security and campus patrols

Student Safety

One special concern of university security is the safety of the student population. Most campuses see a large amount of incoming and outgoing traffic every day of students, faculty, and visitors. Many campuses have the added challenge of security for dorm buildings. At Twin City Security, we take this challenge very seriously. In over 40 years, we've provided university security for a wide range of higher education institutions, and the safety and security of the student population and faculty is our priority. Twin City Security officers don't take their responsibilities lightly; a few dorm security duties our officers perform include:

  • Dorm building patrols, interior and exterior

  • Controlled access through badges, cards, or IDs

  • Maintain visitor logs

  • Late-night vehicle escorts

  • Emergency response

Emergency Preparedness

Unfortunately, many schools will eventually be forced to deal with an emergency of some kind. Schools that are prepared for an emergency, whether natural or otherwise, are far less likely to experience major loss or damage. Twin City Security not only creates high standards for school security, but can provide assessments and protocols for emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, our schools security officers can assist in:

  • Fire safety

  • Evacuation

  • Police or fire department contact

  • High risk or confrontational situation management

  • Crowd control