Event Security Services

Event Security Services Special events pose a host of unique security challenges; the combination of important persons, complex venues, and large crowds means special security concerns for events like:

  • Festivals

  • Concerts

  • Sporting Events

  • Conferences and Conventions

  • Political Debates

  • Dignitary Visits

  • Parades

  • Other Events

At Twin City Security, we have been providing event security services for over 35 years. We have the experience and resources necessary to provide the highest level of service in event safety and security.

Twin City Security provides a wide range of event security services to meet the specific needs of event coordinators. When designing event security services, we take dozens of factors into account, such as:

  • Event location and environment

  • Event venue

  • Type of event

  • Size of expected crowd

  • Budget of coordinators

We can coordinate with local law enforcement and medical emergency teams, as well as provide venue and event risk assessments. We have provided event security services including security planning and project management for decades and are proud to offer the top level of quality in event security.

Our event security officers are hand-picked to perfectly fit the requirements of our clients. Everything from uniform to duties can be fully customized in order to provide a high level of safety and security for a given event. Twin City Security officers are highly trained professionals; you can depend on our officers to perform above and beyond your expectations.

General Security

  • Regular patrols of grounds or venue and parking lot

  • Enforce all rules and regulations

  • Crowd control

  • Investigate suspicious persons or vehicles

Controlled Access

  • Prevent unauthorized access to backstage and other areas

  • Weapons/drugs/unauthorized materials check at entrances

General Safety

  • Emergency response

  • Evacuation coordination

Partnering with Local Agencies

  • Partner with local law enforcement

  • Partner with local fire response

  • Partner with local medical emergency teams

  • Create professionally written reports of incidents or unusual circumstances

Public Assistance and Service

  • Offer directions

  • Assistance with unusual circumstances (lost children, spills, etc.)