Hotel Security Services

Hotel Security Services At Twin City Security, we've been providing the highest level of hotel security services for over 40 years. Each hotel has different safety and security concerns, a unique image to project, and specialized needs. We have the experience necessary to provide customized hotel security services to each one of our hotel clients.

We work closely with hotel management to ensure that our hotel security services fit their budget, meet their safety requirements, and exceed their expectations. Everything can be customized, including:


Some hotels are concerned with projecting an extremely professional image, so our hotel security officers might wear a suit and tie and staff a concierge desk. In other settings, our hotel security officers may wear a less formal uniform. Uniforms may depend on security risks associated with the location of a hotel.


We understand that our clients are often working within a corporate budget, and we work with hotel management to ensure that we meet your safety and security needs while not exceeding your budget. In order to improve efficiency and get the most out of time on the clock, many hotels choose to have our officers perform ancillary duties, such as bill-drop off and newspaper distribution.


Every hotel is different, and that means no two hotel security service plans are the same. While some hotels will expect officers to assist guests and staff with a variety of issues and tasks, other may simply require regular nighttime patrols. At Twin City Security, we're happy to accommodate your specific needs. Hotel security officers duties may include but are not limited to:

General Security

  • Regular or irregular patrols, interior and exterior

  • Gatekeeper duties

  • Enforce all rules and regulations

  • Handle any special circumstances or incidents

  • Inspections of outgoing trash by cleaning service

  • Inspect suspicious vehicles

Controlled Access

  • Enforce procedures (IDs, badges, etc)

  • Secure entrances and exits after hours

  • Open/close entrances and that start of each work day

Emergency Preparedness

  • Create and maintain loss prevention plans

  • Regular inspections of fire safety equipment

  • First response to fire and other emergencies

  • Design and implementation of evacuation plans

Partner with Facility Management

  • Daily and monthly incident and activity reports

  • Attend routine meetings with management

  • Supervise site security staff

  • Manage special events

Facility Staff and/or Resident Support

  • Escort guests/visitors after hours

  • Assist with guest and visitor safety

  • Provide general service to guests

Ancillary Duties

  • Bill Delivery

  • Newspaper Delivery

  • Towel Folding

  • Other Staff Assistance