Construction Security Services

Construction Security Services Construction sites can, unfortunately, be a target for theft and vandalism, resulting in major damages or losses to management. They can also pose a significant safety hazard to those entering the site (such as teenagers or vagrants), and management could be held responsible should an unauthorized individual become injured.

Twin City Security understands the risks and hazards inherent in construction sites. In our nearly four decades in the contract security business, Twin City Security has successfully provided construction security services at sites across the country. Our extensive experience has equipped us to handle any security or safety issue in construction security services.

We always begin with an in-depth survey and security assessment of your site to evaluate current safety and security programs and potential issues. We work closely with management to create customized construction security services to meet the unique needs of your site. Throughout assessment, design, and implementation of these security programs, the Twin City Security team partners with site management. We are easily available to resolve any issues that may arise and provide 24/7 rock-solid support.

All of Twin City Security's officers are highly screened, and we carefully match officers with assignments for which they are qualified and trained. The safety and security of your construction site is our priority; we work hard to ensure that we meet industry standards and exceed our client's expectations.

Construction Security Services include but are not limited to:

  • Regular or irregular patrols, interior and/or exterior

  • Controlled access (via badges or IDs, protection of entrances/exits)

  • Emergency response (fire or other emergencies)

  • Loss prevention plans