Other Security Services

Twin City Security is built on strong foundations. With nearly 4 decades in the contract security industry, we understand the needs of our clients and can provide security services in any setting. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and support, providing highly customized security services to clients in a variety of industries, backed by our extensive resources and rock-solid support.

We are happy to provide referrals from satisfied customers. They'll tell you that we take our job seriously, that we are consistently dependable, and that we work hard to exceed our client's expectations. We don't just talk about our unparalleled level of security and support - we provide it to hundreds of clients every single day.

We invite you to learn more about our extensive service specialties. However, don't be alarmed if you don't see your specific needs listed under our services. We can provide customized security services in any environment, ranging from unarmed security to every level of armed security.

Business Security

The majority of our clients are companies or organizations, so we have extensive experience in providing business security. Regardless of your industry, inventory, facility functions, location, or company culture, Twin City Security is able to meet your needs. We tailor every aspect of our business security services to the unique needs and requirements of our individual clients.

Government Security

Government security can be very different than business or industrial security. We've been providing government security for over 40 years, and are well-acquainted with the processes and standards of government facilities. No matter what kind of facility you need protected, Twin City Security has the resources and experience necessary to provide exceptional government security services.

Marina Security

Because of the location and high-value property, marina security poses some unique challenges. Our years of experience give us the ability to meet these challenges; we don't take the task of protecting your assets and valuables lightly. Marina security is one example of a unique security challenge that Twin City Security is easily able to handle.

Museum Security

Museums are usually a conglomeration of security challenges; large daily crowds, multiple entrances and exits, gift shops, and extremely valuable artifacts and artwork make museum security a challenging task. We understand how to handle each of these elements safely and effectively. Our museum security officers are trained to work closely with museum management and assist staff while ensuring the safety of the general public and security of valuable museum assets.